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Former Steelers KR Reggie Dunn signs with the New England Patriots

Dunn's 4.29 is heading to the 5-0-8.

Grant Halverson

From the "Where Are They Now...As If They Were Ever Anywhere" file...

The New England Patriots signed former Steelers training camp and preseason participant Reggie Dunn to their practice squad Tuesday, marking his triumphant if not unspectacular return to the NFL.

Dunn, known for his speed and kick returns at the University of Utah, set the optimism of fans ablaze with a smoldering 4.29 40-yard-dash this summer.

He was released by the Steelers in training camp, and signed with the Green Bay Packers' practice squad in September. After being released there, he signed with the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins.

Now with the Patriots, he's quickly making his way around the NFL, and could get a chance to make a roster at some point. With kick returning becoming less and less frequent, it goes without saying a player will need to play a regular position as well as succeed in the return game.

Dunn apparently hasn't showed that quite yet, but the speed must still be there.

Oh, glorious we worship you.