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Steelers Ike Taylor says he has no timeline for his return

Veteran cornerback Ike Taylor has been sidelined since Week 3 with a broken forearm. His return to the Steelers' defensive lineup is still very much in doubt.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

By Dale Grdnic

PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that Ike Taylor already has been ruled out for this week, and the veteran cornerback has no target date for his return.

"No, I don't,'' Taylor said. "I wish I did, but I don't. (And) I feel real good about my chances (to come back).''

Taylor is a finely tuned athlete, always among the best-conditioned of his teammates. And even though his right arm is basically useless since a surgery a few weeks ago to repair his broken right forearm. Taylor was kept on the Steelers 53-man roster, so management believes he could play again this year.

"I feel good,'' Taylor said. "I'm feeling good, and I'm looking good. I don't smell real good right now, because I just got done working out. But, hopefully, a shower will take care of it.''

Even though the Steelers dropped to 3-3 with a loss at Cleveland, Taylor doesn't believe there is any additional pressure for him to return.

"If it was up to me, I would have come back a week after the surgery,'' Taylor said. "But, you know, you've got to take the doctor's word. And you've got to take heed to that, and you've got to pay attention because you definitely don't want any setbacks, especially in my situation.

"So, I'm just going to listen to the doctors. And as much as I want to be out there, I've still got to take my time and listen to them.''

Until then, Taylor will continue to be a workout warrior, although his primary area of concentration is his lower body due to issues with his right arm. Taylor's training also includes heavy conditioning.

"I'm doing cardio like a mother,'' Taylor said. "That's all I do. I've been riding a bike, and I didn't know that bike riding, that cycling was so vicious. I'm riding that bike like a mother, man, and I feel like my quads are getting real strong.

"I can do some lifting (with my) lower body. ... I like my six pack, so I try to keep it. Would you like a drink?''

When told that media member had his own six pack at home, Taylor was OK with that. And he'll continue his current schedule until told to do otherwise.

"I'll just try to stay in shape as much as possible,'' Taylor said. "That way, I'll be ready when they call me up.''

That won't happen until at least the second half of the season, if at all.