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Winners and Losers from Steelers' 30-23 win over Houston Texans

A horrendous start was followed by an explosive end to the first half. After that, the defense held strong in the win.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Martavis Bryant - Welcome to the show, rookie. On his second target, Bryant made his first NFL catch, a 35-yard touchdown strike from Ben Roethlisberger during a furious, 24-point rally from the Steelers. It was the big play the Steelers needed to get back on track after a horrendous start to the game.

Le'Veon Bell - He had his best receiving game as a pro and ran very well as the Steelers' primary offensive weapon. He ran for tough, hard yards as Houston looked to rough him up. Bell survived, and so did the Steelers.

Sean Spence - after initially appearing on the losing side of this column, he came out with a vengeance, making two big stops early in the second half and helping to largely stifle a great start for Texans' running back Arian Foster. Add a nod to Lawrence Timmons for contributions to that end.

Mike Mitchell - A critical forced fumble after a huge catch from DeAndre Hopkins sealed the game for the Steelers. That's Mitchell's second forced fumble in the last two games.


David DeCastro - He took some of the toughest beats he's had since the three games he played his rookie season. Not a pretty game for the Steelers' best guard.

Markus Wheaton - The Steelers' second-year wide receiver sees his slump continue, failing to catch a pass on two targets and he again appeared to be lost in the shuffle down the field.