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Mike Mitchell: No room on the Pittsburgh Steelers' bandwagon

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won back-to-back games for the first time this season but Mike Mitchell is telling fans the Black-and-Gold bandwagon is already full.

Joe Robbins

The Pittsburgh Steelers let a talkative safety leave via free agency in Ryan Clark. Turns out, they picked up another safety who isn't afraid to speak his mind in Mike Mitchell.

After the Steelers' huge 51-34 victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Mitchell took to Twitter with a simple-yet-concise sentiment for Steelers Nation, "No more room on the bandwagon".

Mitchell, as most players with Twitter accounts, surely felt the venom coming from the Steelers' fanbase when the team struggled to play with any type of consistency early in the season. Now with the team starting to round into form after back-to-back wins, Mitchell is calling out fans that might be thinking about climbing back on board that Steelers' bandwagon.

The nature of the Pittsburgh Steelers' fan base has been well documented. With expectations high after two 8-8 seasons, fans have been uneasy with the team's inconsistency. Want to get a true gauge of the anger of Steelers Nation? Just tap into any social-media outlet following a loss and you'll see, read and hear everything you need to know about fan's expectations.

Although many will not give any credence to Mitchell's words other than simply being an emotional outlet for him after a big win, the fact remains that the team must prove their play during the past two games isn't a fluke, but the new norm. Until then, Mike Mitchell says there's 'no room at the inn' for Steelers' bandwagon-jumpers.