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Ravens at Steelers first half open thread

This is what it's all about now. Steelers vs. Ravens.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This is a big one for both teams.

Can the Steelers protect Ben Roethlisberger? Can the Ravens protect their ailing secondary? Can we come up with dozens of more questions that won't end up being the outcome of the game? Probably, but there are many different answers to all of these questions, and the severity of those answers will likely be the outcome.

We'll have a second half open thread up shortly after the end of the second quarter, so look for that.

Please, and I understand how heated this game is, treat each other with respect. Fans of both teams will be in here, and we get the intensity of this game, but don't take it out on each other, don't be a jackhole, win or lose, and try to enjoy it rather than let it consume you.

Dale Grdnic is at Heinz Field reporting live, and he'll have the gamer after the final whistle, and locker room quotes after that.

Jeff and I will be on live give or take 10 minutes after the game with Steelers Final Score, BTSC's live post-game call-in show. Have your comments and questions ready and give us a call after the game to discuss it, 347-850-8581.