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Ravens vs. Saints Monday Night Football open thread

Stop by and root against the AFC North...again.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hate to admit it, but I kind of figured the AFC North would win out this weekend. The game I was most confident in was the Ravens topping the Saints in New Orleans.

Baltimore's offense has been stagnant as of late, but after a bye, against a mediocre Saints defense, they'll hit it big tonight.

As much fun as that won't be, we'll have a blast here anyway, so if nothing else, let's remember this game doesn't change the fact the Steelers play these same Saints next week, in Pittsburgh, with another chance to take the lead in the red-hot AFC North battle. That same mediocre defense will be exposed to the elements and new turf at Heinz Field and will have to do it at the early hour of 1 p.m. ET instead of prime time.

Distinct advantages...ones they may have tonight, so who knows? Maybe it's not decided yet.

Stick around, we'll be here talking football, the Ravens version or otherwise.