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Ravens vs. Saints final score: Baltimore rides 182 yards and two scores from Justin Forsett to top New Orleans 34-27

The Ravens' win marked a clean sweep for the AFC North this weekend and brought each team to 11 games played.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It looked too easy at times for Ravens running back Justin Forsett. Rarely touched at the first level, he had several runs of 10 yards or longer, and the Ravens would eventually eschew the pass in favor of their breakout back.

All told, Forsett ran for 182 yards and two touchdowns, as Baltimore picked up a road victory to move to 7-4 on the season, defeating the Saints 34-27 in New Orleans.

Never mind the loss of the Saints' defensive tackle and key run-stopper Broderick Bunkley in the first half; Forsett was already doing his damage before that. And it continued at least at the same level after Bunkley went down. Baltimore's offensive line controlled the game as the Ravens made the most of what they had.

Their offense had to perform, considering their defense surrendered 525 yards with Drew Brees passing for 420 of them. This aerial assault made it seem like New Orleans could hang on until the end until Forsett's second touchdown put the Ravens up 34-20 with under three minutes to play. The Saints drove down and got a touchdown pass from Brees to Jimmy Graham to pull within one touchdown, but it would end there.

The Saints, Pittsburgh's Week 13 opponents, fit the mold of a dangerous team. Minus a few opportunities to make plays, such as a dropped interception in the first half with nothing but green in front of the defender, the Saints would have been more competitive in this game. The matchup will be in Pittsburgh, favoring the 7-4 Steelers, but any team with a potent passing offense like the Saints has the ability to stay in any game.