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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

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A quasi-Christmas theme overtakes the 5Qs tonight.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

We're just going to dive into it, I'm a bit behind.

1. Which Steelers' outside linebacker would you rather have had in his prime playing Sunday, Greg Lloyd or Joey Porter.

2. Antonio Brown is about to make the Steelers' receiving record book The Book of Brown. Old-school Steelers fans probably held some deep-down nostalgia over Hines Ward breaking the records of Lynn Swann and John Stallworth. Are there any pangs of slight resentment for Brown breaking a Hines Ward record?

3. Which will be more important and more indicative of a Steelers' win on Sunday, the offense not commiting a turnover, or the defense getting two takeaways?

4. Browns QB Johnny Manziel will likely get starting nods against Cincinnati (this weekend) and in Week 17 against Baltimore. Steelers fans will likely have to root for Manziel as long as the Steelers win at Atlanta and vs. Kansas City. Does this bother you?

5. Call the AFC North one through four, who's finishing where?