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William Gay flagged for taunting Lawrence Timmons

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The officials will have a difficult time describing it as anything else.

CBS Sports

William Gay never moved toward the Chiefs' player he allegedly taunted.

He was flagged, then, for taunting his own player (nod to CBS Sports).

Perhaps an intrepid reporter will ask Lawrence Timmons if his feelings were hurt from Gay's vicious, arms-crossed taunt, but more importantly will be the league's explanation for this.

The league's mandate made during the offseason to eliminate taunting from the game wasn't popular them, and it's not going to be any better received now - at least not in Pittsburgh. You really can't see anything at all from the screen cap or from the live video that suggests Gay was even coming close to taunting a Chiefs player.

It was one of a few very questionable calls that detracted a bit from an otherwise very intense football game. Perhaps this is the image we take away from it, but we should come to expect this by now from the NFL; rule changes do little more than create more controversy from a group of officials who only seem to hold a tacit understanding of the rules the league asks them to enforce.