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Bengals at Steelers first half open thread

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Winner hosts Baltimore, loser heads to Indianapolis.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This one's for the AFC North championship. What else needs to be said here?

With Baltimore needing little more than a fourth-quarter wake-up, while San Diego melted down against the Chiefs, the Ravens join the Bengals and the Steelers as the three AFC North teams in the post-season. They will be the sixth seed, heading to either Cincinnati or Pittsburgh next weekend.

The Ravens are a collective 1-3 against those teams this year, having been swept by the Bengals and beating Pittsburgh in Week 2, but losing the rematch in Week 9.

The top-two AFC North teams will do battle tonight in the final game of the regular season. The winner gets the first place schedule and t-shirts and hats. The loser gets the Ravens.

Stick around during and after the game here on BTSC, we'll have all the recaps, analysis and highlights from tonight's game.

Remember to tune into BTSC's postgame show, Steelers Final Score, about 10 minutes after the game ends. You can listen in by clicking on this link, and call in at (347) 850-8581.