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New Year's Rockin' Eve Open Thread

Thanks for the memories, thanks for the laugh, but most of all, thanks for you, and thanks for the Steelers, 2014.

I think this is what we called it last year. I'm not sure.

I'm cracking a beer, Steeler Nation, after a year so successful here, it's beyond description. I toast that beer to all of you, because last year at this time, it was all "ah man, so close to the playoffs and a record over .500!" The Steelers are now hosting that playoff game, against their biggest rival, and it couldn't be a more exciting time.

People around town are abuzz over the team, and there's a feeling of optimism, at the very least, for a well-played and competitive game Sunday. What's been competitive here, though, month after month, has been an excellent turnout. Traffic on the site, for the second year in a row, left the previous year's numbers well behind it. We're proud to say again Behind The Steel Curtain is the most read Steelers fan site on the Internet, and we're committed to saying the same thing this time next year.

Here's to you, Steeler Nation. A happy bleepin' new year to every last one of yinz!

And onto the questions...announce your drink, no discussing random unrelated and quasi-funny object, joke making fun of requests for donations.

1. Pick one Steelers running back to replace Le'Veon Bell (assume he's unable to play) just for Saturday's game against Baltimore.

2. This was, statistically speaking, the best Steelers' offense in franchise history. Take out the Big Three, who's the Steelers' Offensive MVP this year?

3. Buddy of mine just closed a $6 million sales deal, and with it, takes home a hefty commission check. He told me he was going to buy a really expensive bottle of wine when it closed. I ripped on him and told him to man up and buy some Scotch. Which would you buy to celebrate such a deal?

4. The Steelers Mock Draft Committee was ecstatic when Aaron Donald fell to the Steelers at 15 in SBN's Blogger's Mock Draft. We were mocked for making such a pick. We feel his season justified our selection. We also feel he was absolutely robbed of Defensive Rookie of the Year. Should he have won it?

5. Give me a reasonable, sound and defensible argument as to why anyone except J.J. Watt should be named the NFL MVP this year.