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Limas Sweed signs free agent contract with CFL's Ottawa Redblacks

Sweed walked out of training camp last season with the Sasketchawan Roughriders before they went on to win the Grey Cup - robbing Sweed of a chance to be the rare member of a collegiate national championship team and a Super Bowl and Grey Cup championship team.


Maybe he was motivated by seeing his jersey in an infamous picture of Johnny Manziel being kicked out of a frat party.

Perhaps he wasn't satisfied with the end of his career being depicted by him walking out of training camp with the Saskatchewan Roughriders last year.

Whatever his motivation, Limas Sweed is back. This time, he's getting a tryout with the expansion Ottawa RedBlacks in the CFL. And wouldn't you know it, the Redblacks' first preseason game is scheduled for June 14 against the Roughriders.

Import wide receiver Limas Sweed, 29, was on the Roughriders’ practice roster in 2012. He was subsequently re-signed, but walked out of training camp last year and was then suspended.

Sweed will join up with former Browns wide receiver Carlton Mitchell on the Redblacks, representing the fine tradition of former AFC North receivers that stand over 6-foot-3. There may even be other former NFL players on the Redblacks' roster, we just haven't combed through each of them yet.

Should Sweed make the team, former Bears quarterback Henry Burris may be the guy throwing him the ball. You may remember Burris (or maybe not) from a Week 17 game in 2002 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when he completed seven of 19 passes for 78 yards along with four interceptions.

Those were some good Buccaneers' defensive teams.

We'll keep an eye on Sweed's progress with the team as he goes through training camp - assuming he stays this time.