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Derek Moye leads through his actions

Moye speaks about his past experiences with gay teammates as well as the work he's putting in with Markus Wheaton, Justin Brown and Ben Roethlisberger this offseason.

Andy Lyons

The self-made aspect of Derek Moye's body of work is intriguing.

We wrote about how he made the team only a few weeks after his father passed away last August, and Steelers fans have created something of an unofficial fan club showing support to the tall, undrafted receiver looking to make the club again in 2014.

Chris Bradford of the Beaver County Times is close enough to Moye to deliver some pretty solid access of the 26-year-old, revealing most recently Moye's thoughts on having an openly gay teammate:

"It’s a different world from even when I was a kid," Moye told Bradford. "It’s accepted in America that everyone’s different, everyone’s unique. That’s a good thing for our country. I’m sure now that that he’s come out, people will see how he gets accepted and people won’t be scared to be themselves. Maybe more people will come out because of this."

Moye mentioned he feels he's been on teams with players people knew were gay, even if they didn't admit it. He also said it wasn't an issue.

But just as it should be, the conversation between Moye and Bradford shifted off that topic, and into something else.

What Moye is doing to improve himself as a player.

Moye, along with 2013 draft picks Markus Wheaton and Justin Brown, spent time with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in California, not just working out, but getting to know each other. Building the chemistry that can be the very difference between a high-powered offense and a stagnant one.

It's not always about the level of talent, but rather, the precognitive connection between the passer and receiver, knowing when the receiver will break and to which side, based on where coverage is, can lead to passes thrown to spots defenders cannot reach.

That moves chains. That scores touchdowns. That wins championships.

It's likely not unique a team's quarterback is spending time helping to develop the receivers on the roster, but with a team that's undergone so much transition over the last few years - and still will see more of that with the free agent status of two other receivers, Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery - it's beyond wise for Moye, Wheaton and Brown to do whatever they can to get Roethlisberger's attention.

Moye's statements are wise as well, and with the work he's putting in, maybe the Steelers don't need to look at receivers in this upcoming free agency period or draft.