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Joey Porter an excellent emotional counterpart to an otherwise controlled defensive coaching staff

Porter was well-known for his brash style of leadership, and perhaps that's exactly what the Steelers will need to help revive a sagging unit.

Christian Petersen

We mentioned previously how the offensive coaching staff has largely been transformed over the last few seasons, and how change of some kind is needed in regards to defensive leadership.

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Perhaps that's exactly what the Steelers will get when former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter begins stalking the sideline the way he stalked the 50-yard-line before games.

We've been given a first-hand account of that kind of intensity.

BTSC reader "MileHighSteeler" saw Porter first-hand on the Colorado State sideline, and noted his motivational and communications skills.

I work at CSU and went to most of the home games last year, a few of which I was able to sit just a few rows up from the CSU sideline. Porter may have been an "intern" but he was the only intern with a full headset, and the guy was always talking to the defensive players, pumping them up and breaking down things that just happened. Obviously I couldn’t really hear what was going on but Joey was always involved, usually one of the first coaches to be celebrating big plays with the players, either offensive or defensive. I’m very happy with this, the only downside is he won’t be with CSU any more!

There are some key components to coaching excellence mentioned in there. Obviously, a leader's job is not fully to spew out inflammatory rhetoric aimed to evoke a certain reaction from players, but as part of the entire coaching group, that kind of leader is a vital component. Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau takes a calm approach, but having the fiery hand of emphasis nearby can only help accentuate the message being sent to the ground level.

The decision to bring Porter on provides an outstanding yang to the moderate and tempered yin already provided by a very stable and balanced staff.