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Reactions to the Steelers hiring Joey Porter as a defensive assistant coach

Nearly everything is positive, and even a bit humorous, the Twitter reactions to the news that J-Peezy is back in the black and gold are worth reading.

Courtesy of WTAE
Courtesy of WTAE

Reactions on Twitter to the Steelers hiring former linebacker Joey Porter as a defensive assistant set Steeler Nation abuzz Tuesday. The reactions are overwhelmingly positive from fans and media types alike.

Even some former teammates got in on it.

Ward and Porter were replicate third round picks in the 1998 (Ward) and 1999 (Porter) drafts, respectively.

Labriola gets right to the point of this hire. A highly successful former player who can reach out to the young linebackers on the Steelers' roster can't be a bad thing.

Maybe I'm lame, but I love stories like this. Not because it's funny to think Taylor and Porter are somehow equal in foot size (or perhaps Porter poured his feet into Ike's shoes) but just the human aspect of it. Or maybe the enjoyment of being an airport employee having to deal with Joey Porter after he informs you his luggage was lost.

This is just perfectly said. That's what this is really about. Learnin' up the young guys. Clearly, Dick LeBeau and Keith Butler can teach them technique and nuance and things of that nature. Having the convict teach the criminal (metaphorically speaking, of course) seems to have much more upside, when done in the confines of what the experienced coaches are trying to teach. Having that level of intensity and credibility can serve well for what's now a young and blossoming linebackers group.