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Steelers didn't interview Jarvis Jones at Combine in 2013

Which future first round pick will the Steelers not interview at the Combine this year?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So much for Combine impressions.

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert is never more popular within the media than he is after the draft and during the NFL Scouting Combine. He works the crowd, so to speak, making up for a season of not speaking by providing as much insight as possible.

Insight like this perhaps should be remembered by any prospect to whom Colbert doesn't speak in his time in Indianapolis.

"We didn't even interview Jarvis (Jones) down here (NFL Combine)," Colbert said during his rounds. "We didn't think we had a realistic chance of him being there when we picked at 15."

At that point, Jones hadn't yet conducted his infamous pro day, and didn't run at the Combine. At that individual workout, on a reportedly cold day in Athens, Ga., Jones ran a 4.9 40, which sent his stock downward.

With the amount of players available to speak with, it's understandable a team would not make a priority to speak to players not likely to fall. But this speaks to how certain the interest a team has in a player if they didn't interview him at the Combine.