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CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora doesn't see Steelers cutting LaMarr Woodley

Jason Worilds, not Woodley, will be the odd outside 'backer out in Pittsburgh, La Canfora told CBS Pittsburgh Tuesday. The reason behind that, though, is the more intriguing issue.


CBS Sports's Jason La Canfora told 93.7 The Fan Tuesday he sees the Steelers keeping LaMarr Woodley, and being unable to match the supposed rush of free agency interest Jason Worilds will receive this March when the four-year pro hits the market.

The situation reeks of Keenan Lewis in 2013. The Steelers developed Lewis for four years and watched him exit for a five-year deal in New Orleans. Is Worilds better, comparatively speaking, than Lewis was?

Woodley logically stands in the way, considering the amount he's due and the fact the Steelers drafted Jarvis Jones in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Considering Woodley's age and injury history, he appears likely for some kind of effort from the Steelers to either free themselves from his cap charge or from Woodley himself.

So if La Canfora is playing a hunch, it's hard to argue. But should one affect the other? Keeping Woodley should not have to be the result of Worilds leaving. The decision to not pay Worilds shouldn't have to do with the fact they're saddled to Woodley's deal.

What's the third option here?

Cutting Woodley, preparing to watch Worilds walk to a market dying for even the resemblance of consistent pass rush against decent competition and using cap space and the draft to find an as-of-now unidentified third pass rushing edge player to join Jones.

It's a tough option to consider but keeping either Woodley or Worilds at a higher price tag than they should be reasonably expected to justify in the next two years isn't any better.