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BTSC Live Chat with Ketterlen Super Scouts Director Rodney Ketterlen

We're underway with our first live chat of 2014. Our guest is Rodney Ketterlen of Ketterlen Super Scouts, and he's ready to answer your questions about the draft, any prospects you have your eye on or the draft process itself. He may even ask a few questions of his own.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Ketterlen Super Scouts director Rodney Ketterlen is topping off his NFL Scouting Combine coverage for Behind The Steel Curtain with a live chat.

Ask questions in the comments section below, Ketterlen will reply to them as best he can in the order they are delivered.

It's a good time to remind everyone this will not be an open thread, we ask that language be tasteful and appropriate for a family audience (we told Ketterlen the same thing).

It is a great night for some concluding thoughts on the Combine, the upcoming Pro Day schedules and any risers and fallers you may have seen or would like to know more about as the offseason continues.

We look forward to your questions.