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NFL salary cap set at $133 million

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The Steelers will be approximately $500,000 under that figure as soon as they release left tackle Levi Brown, a move that should be considered imminent. From there, the offseason really begins.

Gregory Shamus

The NFL announced Friday the salary cap for the 2014 season will be $133 million, up approximately $10 million from the 2013 season.

The Steelers are projected by Over The Cap to be $5,673,066 over that projected cap. The release of Levi Brown, which should come in the very near future, would put them under the cap by $576,934.

Obviously a few more moves should be expected. The NFL requires teams to be under the salary cap for their top 51 players by the start of the league year - March 11.

Steelers beat writer Dale Lolley suggested in a recent post the Steelers will want to try to get deals done with two players this upcoming week.

Things should really start to heat up on the free agent front with the Steelers in the coming week. With the start of free agency coming March 11, look for the team to lock up one or two of its impending free agents next week.

My guesses? Linebacker Jason Worilds and defensive lineman Al Woods.

Worilds can be considered the fulcrum for much of the activity the Steelers are expected to engage in this offseason. Last season, it was clear how big the market would be for Mike Wallace, but Worilds has such a limited body of work, it seems like he could go for anywhere in the lower middle range to the high end of salaries for his position.

The salary cap will rise dramatically over the next two seasons, with the possibility of hitting $150 million in the 2016 season.