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I owe Peter King an apology

I inappropriately attached his name to the actions of the HOF selection committee as a whole.

Scott Halleran

Peter King, I apologize.

Those who read the Checkdown know that I came down hard on the decision of the Hall of Fame selection committee to exclude Jerome Bettis from induction in the 2014 class. I still have serious problems about the selection process, not just this year, but every year. However I was off base about the following.

What has been established in my mind is that the Peter Kings of the world lack the credibility, integrity and seriousmindedness to be trusted with this responsibility.

I stand by every part of that statement except for the "Peter Kings" part. He is one of the most visible members of that group and, therefore, an enticing target for blame when things apparently seem to go sideways. But reading his Monday Morning Quarterback piece in today, I find little to disagree with concerning his explanation of his participation.

I did not support Andre Reed.

Neither did I.

And this is what he had to say about Bettis.

5. I think Jerome Bettis, 3.9 yards per carry and all, belongs. I believe he’s the best big back of the last 25 years. I saw him outrun Bucs defensive backs once on a long run in Tampa; I saw him steamroll an in-his-prime Brian Urlacher—and I mean steamroll—in a snow bowl must-win game for the Steelers late in the Bus’ career, when he gained 100 yards in the second half against the league’s number two rush defense. He made the final 10 this year, and I hope he goes farther next year.

Doesn't mean he actually voted for him this time, but I have no problem with his assessment. King and I apparently agree on the issue of Andre Reed, and, perhaps, disagree on Aeneas Williams. As I said in the Checkdown, I have no problems with the HOF qualifications of any of the candidates, my issue is with the priorities. Whatever differences I may have with King in terms of those priorities don't rise to the level of my busting his chops in the manner that I did.

An additional comment. They ran a commercial last night equating the viewing experience of the fans of the other thirty teams not in the Super Bowl to that of having to watch someone else taking your significant other to the prom. Before last night I would have been inclined to agree with that position, that is until last night.

I don't know if its just about being a Steelers fan, but the actual playing of the Super Bowl seems to dredge up all the regrets of not getting there. I would be the first to admonish anyone who thinks that participating in a Super Bowl is some kind of entitlement, but the idea that someone is dancing with my woman at the prom does resonate. But we now know that there is something far worse than not making it to that big game, and that's to get there and have to endure the kind of beatdown that was put on the Denver Broncos.

I'm having a hard time imagining what was like in Colorado on Monday, except to say that there's not enough weed in the world to mask the stink of that performance. I can imagine what it would look like in Steelers Nation, and...My God! Can you visualize the s**t storm that would be raging? Sandy, Katrina and the Polar Vortex combined couldn't match that. FIRE EVERYBODY!!! And then execute them. Or would that be the other way around? I think there might actually be people who would throw themselves from bridges, buildings, maybe even Mt Washington. Oh, you ain't seen ugly, and let's hope we never do.

So, as the 2013 NFL season comes to a truly butt ugly conclusion I am content with taking solace in that little rebuilding project underway on the South Side. And don't let yourselves be swayed by those who get pushed over the deep end every time a gust of wind blows. No, I don't think that Seattle has provided a blueprint as to how things should be done in the league, and especially Pittsburgh. Don't get me wrong, the Seahawks did awright. But let's not go overboard here. The bigger story is that Denver sucked! So please spare me any genius of Pete Carroll talk for now. Remember what they were saying about Green Bay a couple of years ago.