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Steelers odds of winning 2015 Super Bowl a bit long

Even if this only serves as a feature on which to look back and laugh in a year, it's fun to see which direction teams are pointed in according to the gambling community.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Part of me wants to write this for the sake of referencing it before the start of next year's playoffs.

If memory serves me right, the Steelers' odds of advancing to Super Bowl XLVIII were something close to 33-to-1, which is their chance of making it to Super Bowl XLIX, according to Bovada.

Hey, that's not entirely terrible. To frame it with some perspective, that's the same odds given to Dallas, Arizona, San Diego, New York Giants, and Detroit.

But not as bad as Baltimore's 40-to-1, or Cleveland's 66-to-1 - both of which seem optimistic.

The Bengals lead the division at 25-to-1, which also seems about right, all things considered. The Jacksonville Jaguars bring up the bottom at 100-to-1, and Seattle leads the league at 9-to-2, with AFC West rival San Francisco at 15-to-1.

Perhaps the most surprising is Atlanta's 25-to-1 shot, considering the team's horrendous 2013 season. One I'd keep an eye on is Philadelphia's 25-to-1 shot, coming off a season with a first-year coach, a quarterback transition and an overhaul on defense. Amid that turmoil, the Eagles showed some flashes of potential.

At the same time, considering how much still has to happen to get even to training camp, it's a tad early to mention any of these things as being realistic. It's still fun, though. And it'll be even more fun to look at it this time next year.