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Peter King supports Jerome Bettis for Hall of Fame inclusion

Bettis can't be far off from the Hall of Fame Class of 2015. It seems at least Peter King voted for him - despite many Steelers fans lumping him in as someone who voted against him.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Not even the NFL's most influential writer could save Jerome Bettis.

In his weekly column, "The Monday Morning Quarterback", Sports Illustrated NFL reporter and Hall-of-Fame voter Peter King supported Bettis' Hall-of-Fame candidacy.

While he didn't say whether or not he voted for Bettis, King did offer his take on why he believes The Bus should be enshrined in Canton, Ohio.

King wrote: "I think Jerome Bettis, 3.9 yards per carry and all, belongs. I believe he's the best big back of the last 25 years. I saw him outrun Bucs defensive backs once on a long run in Tampa; I saw him steamroll an in-his-prime Brian Urlacher-and I mean steamroll-in a snow bowl must-win game for the Steelers late in the Bus' career, when he gained 100 yards in the second half against the league's number two rush defense. He made the final 10 this year, and I hope he goes farther next year."

Saturday marked the fourth consecutive year Bettis failed to make the final cut for inclusion into the Hall-of-Fame. Terrell Davis, a 2,000 yard back, league and Super Bowl MVP, was another running back left in the cold.

Longevity is the big strike against Davis, whose career was derailed by a knee injury suffered in the fourth game of his fifth season. King's comments in MMQB confirms the belief of many that Bettis' yards per carry average is the biggest black mark on his resume in the eyes of the Hall's voters.