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Pittsburgh themed bar in Sochi

Pittsburgh and Steelers fans are everywhere.

Jared Wickerham

We've used photos from Jared Wickerham for a while now. You'd see his name in the photo credits of many of the pictures we use on these articles.

We didn't know he was from Pittsburgh, but in retrospect, we probably could have guessed.

He does have a sharp eye for detail, though. On location in Sochi, covering the Olympic Games, Wickerham spotted a Pittsburgh-themed bar, according to KDKA.

"The owner was just in Pittsburgh he kind of just liked the city and liked the idea of it and decided to turn it into a bar," Wickerham said. Not that one needs more of a reason for a theme bar, but it'd be interesting to see what's in it.

"You see [miniature statues of] Fifth Avenue Place and PPG on the outside and the West End Bridge," Wickerham told the station. Apparently there are pictures of different parts of Pittsburgh's skyline around the bar, but Wickerham said that's the extent of it.

Only if we had known this earlier, I bet we could have organized a fairly nice collection of memorabilia in time for the Olympics. Oh well. I know a certain BTSC writer who likely has plenty of contacts in Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Games. We'll find a Steelers bar there and flood it with Steelers stuff.

Point here being, it's yet another example of how Pittsburgh is everywhere.