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Larry Foote assumes everyone smokes pot

Not self-incriminating himself, of course, but the Steelers linebacker agrees, more or less, with Ryan Clark's comments that several players smoke marijuana.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

It's safe to say now every Steelers player can assume they will be asked whether they've smoked (or inhaled) marijuana.

Steelers linebacker Larry Foote spoke to KDKA's Bob Pompeani Saturday, saying, among other things,"I don’t know if he knows it, he’s seen it, or specifically who does it, but I’m just assuming that everybody (smokes pot)."

Ryan Clark began blazing the trail by comments on ESPN's First Take, saying players in the NFL and on the Steelers smoke pot. Not exactly the most surprising statement ever made, but few, if any, players will admit it publicly.

Foote seems more content to just generally concede he's aware of the issue while wisely not going into detail.

Let's just expect some of the veteran leaders speaking emphatically that it doesn't happen on the team. May as well just muddy up the anecdotal evidence so no one has any idea where the Steelers are coming from on the issue.

Everyone smokes, no one smokes, they do it for fun and because of pain and stress.

Seems like the thousands of beer commercials advertised on Any Given Sunday during the season.