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Steelers re-sign veteran longsnapper Greg Warren

Greg Warren may not have been one of the sexiest free-agents on the market, but the Steelers know how valuable he is to their special teams, making him a top priority in the opening days of free agency.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The longsnapper position isn't usually viewed as important to the success of a football team as is a franchise quarterback or devastating pass rusher.  The Pittsburgh Steelers know better.

Greg Warren has held down the rather thankless position for the past nine seasons.  After signing a new one-year deal with Pittsburgh, Warren's career will enter its tenth, after appearing in 64 consecutive games and a total of 133 in the regular season with an additional nine in the playoffs -- all with the Steelers, as recognized by the Trib's Alan Robinson.

Warren's one year contract is reported to be of the veteran minimum variety, which would be $855,000 as determined by the CBA.

The Steelers still don't know who will be punting and holding for placekicker Shaun Suisham, but they recognize how steady, consistent and reliable Warren has been.  The immediacy of his new deal also shows the team still believes he is capable of performing at the highest level again in 2014.