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Alex Carrington will meet with Raiders, Rams in his free agency search

A target of the Steelers in free agency, he left town without a deal and is in Oakland Sunday with a trip to St. Louis planned next.

Rick Stewart

There isn't much stopping the Oakland Raiders in free agency. After having already signed veteran pass-rushers LaMarr Woodley and Justin Tuck, they're looking to bring in defensive end Alex Carrington - a target of the Steelers.

The meeting between Carrington and the Steelers reportedly went well, but he left town without a deal. If he doesn't sign with Oakland, he has a meeting scheduled with the St. Louis Rams - certainly not a team short on pass rushers.

There seems to be a trend...signing multiple pass rushers. Maybe that's successful today.

Judging by the success the top pass-rushing teams in the NFL are having, there's a lot to be said about the idea of having multiple pass-rushing specialists - using specialists all over the front seven, in fact - to use at will. The creativity and simplicity can create a significant advantage.