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James Harrison wants to return to Steelers

It's Dynasty Week on NFL Network, and the focus is on the Pittsburgh Steelers. As part of that Ike Taylor and James Harrison appeared on NFL Total Access Monday, with Harrison admitting some desire to return to his former team.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The real dynastic days of the Pittsburgh Steelers came in the 1970s, when the franchise won four Super Bowls in six seasons - a mark that has yet to be touched in the NFL.

But if NFL Network is going to air footage on that team, why not dip into the 2000s teams, the ones that won two Super Bowls and three AFC Championship games in six seasons. Not quite a dynasty but certainly on the level as among the best in the game over that time.

Outside linebacker James Harrison was a big part of that. Harrison and cornerback Ike Taylor were on "NFL Total Access" with Dan Hellie Monday, and the topic of reuniting Harrison with his former club was a topic of conversation.

When Hellie asked where Harrison wants to play this season, Taylor immediately jumped in with "Pittsburgh."

Harrison's response: "Everybody knows that."

Everyone except for the Steelers. No talks with Harrison have been made, or reported at least, and if they ever will, it will likely be later in the offseason, and after the draft.

It's a good talker, for sure. After Harrison left Pittsburgh in 2013, and in the times he was injured over his last two years with the Steelers, there was a noticeable void in the team's edge run defense as well as pass rush. If the Steelers could get back 2010 James Harrison as he sat on the market, it's a solid bet they'd be all over it.

It doesn't rule out Harrison's return, but it doesn't speak directly to it, either. File it under "it's maybe worth a conversation in July," and stay tuned.