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Steelers likely to have deal with experienced running back by the end of the week

Alan Robinson of the Pittsbirgh Tribune-Review tweeted today that he believes the Steelers are likely to have a deal with an experienced running back by the end of the week. They have had multiple visits with Maurice Jones-Drew, and have a meeting scheduled for Friday with Legarrette Blount.

Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review tweeted today that the Steelers will likely sign an experienced running back from the free agency pool by the end of the week.

Either Robinson is taking an educated guess based on the Steelers needs, or more likely he knows something some of us don't.

The Steelers have had multiple visits with former Jacksonville Jaguars running back, and former NFL rushing leader Maurice Jones-Drew, but he was reportedly asking for somewhere in the region of $3.5 million per year, too much for the cash strapped Steelers.

The Steelers also have a meeting with Legarrette Blount on the books, scheduled for Friday after the conclusion of the NFL owners meeting. Robinson could be referring to this meeting in particular , because Friday is the end of the week isn't it?

Knoshown Moreno, formerly of the Broncos, could also be somewhat of a wildcard as one of the few remaining veteran running backs on the market, however there has been nothing connecting him to the Steelers thus far.

Neal Coolong writes that Blount's meeting on Friday may have been the Steelers trying to send a message to their number one target, MJD, and that Blount is just a back-up option. In addition, Jones-Drew's asking price has reportedly been lowered from the original $3.5 million, presumably because he discovered there wasn't a great market for a 28 year old running back's services.

Whichever way it works out, expect a conclusion to the saga of the back up running back by "the end of the week", that is if Mr Robinson is correct.