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Why does no one respect the concept of Dibs anymore?

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Following on the heels of Keenan Lewis last year, Jason Worilds is primed to leave via free agency for greener pastures. Does no team in the NFL respect the time honored tradition of Dibs anymore?

Matt Sullivan

We all know Jason Worilds is hot property, as reported here by our own Bryan DeArdo.  We got another friendly reminder by Chris Wesseling of NFL.Com on Sunday night, just reiterating the fact that Worilds is good, had a great finish to the season and will be highly sought after.

So, at what point is it acceptable to just throw all the toys out the pram and scream DIBS!!!!?

Jason Worilds is ours. We drafted him four years ago in the second round, endured the injuries, poor production and all the headaches that ensued.  He finally appears to have learned this fabled 3-4 defense. His production sky rocketed last season, morphing into an imposing force on the left side against both the run and that pass. All this is well documented though. What is not is just how completely and utterly unfair this is on the Steelers.

It's bad enough watching Keenan Lewis play for relative peanuts in New Orleans. I cannot, nay, will not stand by idle as Jason Worilds is stolen for $40 million a year by some cap abundant mess of a franchise. Enough is enough.


If the Browns, Bills or some other perennial bomb scare want a good pass rusher, go and draft a good pass rusher. If we invest a high draft pick, time and energy into a player, we should automatically be aloud to keep said player when he, you know, actually becomes worth keeping.

This fits into a long, long line of gross Steelers injustices. For example, having to trade a SB MVP for a 5th round pick. Or the fact we are constantly teetering around the edges of salary cap hell. Or when that Dolphins coach stepped onto the field during the game and we never got that FG. Or Antonio Brown's foot stepping out bounds by an inch on "that" play. Or the fact that we haven't won the Super Bowl in absolutely ages.

People need to stop picking on the Steelers, it's not our fault we are so awesome. Just because we have the most Super Bowls of any franchise does not mean we should automatically lose all our best players each off-season (although you can keep Mike Wallace thanks).

Enough is enough. We're keeping Jason Worilds. Then we'll extend Pouncey, Heyward and Cortez Allen. After that we'll launch an official investigation into whether Keenan Lewis should have actually been allowed to leave on the grounds that it wasn't beneficial to the Steelers.

So henceforth let it be known to any whom may inquire, from this moment until then end of time I have called an eternal DIBS on players that the Steelers wish to resign.