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Steelers reportedly interested in free agent TE Jermichael Finley

Provided Finley gets medical clearance, it appears there's a substantial amount of interest on the free agency market.

Wesley Hitt

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe tweeted Friday the Steelers have interested in as-of-now not medically cleared free agent tight end Jermichael Finley.

Finley suffered a freakish injury during the 2013 season, one that required spinal fusion surgery. Some reports have indicated Finley could be cleared medically as early as Saturday, but that's only the entry point. Without a solid way of knowing how he'd hold up, his pricetag will be around the basement of the market for his position.

Finley is an electrifying athlete who appeared to struggle with routine catches more than daring ones. He caught 223 passes for 2,785 yards and 20 touchdowns in six seasons with the Packers. He's not expected to be re-signed there.

The Chiefs, Giants, Jets, Lions and Seahawks have also been mentioned as possible targets, without an explanation given as to why the rest of the league wasn't mentioned as well. Brevity, perhaps.

Every team will be interested in Finley's medicals, and while an argument can be made Finley could fill a receiving role in Pittsburgh, his lack of blocking ability, shaky hands and injury history likely makes him more of a risk than he'd be worth. Someone will roll the dice if he gets medical clearance, but Pittsburgh wouldn't be the logical destination.