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Steelers added to group of teams reportedly interested in CB Alterraun Verner

The Steelers aren't likely to pursue the top cornerback on the market, but the alleged interest they may have simply could indicate they're doing their due diligence and looking to establish the market on cornerbacks.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Jermichael Finley Interest report was sort of hard to swallow.

Now, The Tennesseean reporter Jim Wyatt all but says he's talking to the agent of cornerback Alterraun Verner in his tweet suggesting the Steelers are interested in the services of the top cornerback on the market.

Considering the Packers retained Sam Shields for four years, $39 million Saturday, Verner's pricetag will exceed that by a decent chunk. Verner should be considered not just one of the top cornerbacks, but one of the top players available. The agents of players seem to want to bring the Steelers into a place of interest among their client, so at least someone feels the Steelers could be players in free agency.

We expected to hear the Steelers would engage in talks with a free agent cornerback, and Shields would have been a good target for a bit less than the $21 million the Packers are committing to him over the next two seasons. Verner should get more than that, so if the Steelers were in contact with Verner's agent, it was likely nothing more than simple due diligence in an effort to determine the current market for cornerbacks.