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NFL Network ranks top-16 all-time quarterbacks

Bradshaw ranked eighth on list.

Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It's time to rank the quarterbacks.

It's also time for this NFL season to finally start.

Until then, let's take a look at the recent NFL list, this one ranking the all-time quarterbacks.

Writer Elliot Harrison ranked the remaining 16 quarterbacks in the Network's March Madness-style bracket as voted by the fans.

Joe Montana topped the list, while Tom Brady and Johnny Unitas followed accordingly. Dan Marino, who put up numbers years ahead of his time, took fourth, while Roger Staubach, who quarterbacked the Cowboys to four Super Bowl appearances in the '70s, placed fifth.

John Elway, the first quarterback to pilot a team to five Super Bowl appearances, was sixth on the list.

Two quarterbacks with Louisiana ties finished seventh and eighth on the all-time list. Drew Brees, the Saints quarterback who took Super Bowl XLIV MVP honors, was seventh. Louisiana native Terry Bradshaw, the only quarterback to win four Super Bowls in six years, finished eighth.Bradshaw finished three spots behind Staubach, who lost to the Blonde Bomber twice in the Super Bowl. That's probably my only gripe with Harrison's order.

Bart Starr and Steve Young-Super Bowl winning quarterbacks with the 49ers and Packers respectively, rounded out the top-10. Aaron Rodgers placed 11th on the list, while Jim Kelly- the only quarterback to lead a team to four consecutive Super Bowls-finished at No.12.

While I really don't have any serious gripes with fans' top-12 choices, the final four has me scratching my head. Harrison has Donovan McNabb slated at No.13, followed by Rich Gannon, Drew Bledsoe and Russell Wilson.

Wilson might be on his way and could potentially crack an all-time list, but he's only spent two years in the league. McNabb, Gannon and Bledsoe were fine quarterbacks, but I believe that Otto Graham, Jim Plunkett and Kurt Warner are better choices for the final spots on this list.

And what about Brett Favre? The all-time leader in career touchdown passes, passing yards and consecutive games started doesn't get a spot? And what about Troy Aikman, the first quarterback to win three Super Bowls in a four-year span? And no Frank Tarkenton, the NFL's passing leader for nearly 20 years before Marino passed him in 1995?

Unitas, Montana, Bradshaw, Brady and Favre top my personal list, followed by Marino, Manning, Staubach, Aikman, and Young in the top-10. Elway, Starr, Graham, Rodgers, Brees and Kelly round out my list, with Tarkenton falling just short of making the cut.