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Mike Munchak not looking for a head coaching job, sees himself in Pittsburgh for a long time

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If everything works out right for everybody, Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak could be in Pittsburgh for a long time, he recently told the team's web site.

Grant Halverson

To Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak, the decision to join the Steelers' coaching staff after he was fired by the Tennessee Titans was just a matter of comfort, more than anything else.

Above all else, it was about him coaching the offensive line. That was his focus, he said in a recent interview, and he wasn't beating the head coaching drum as hard as his situation might have suggested.

"Even when I became a head coach, I wasn’t looking to be a head coach," Munchak told Bob Labriola on the team's web site. "I wasn’t beating the drums and having my agent out there, because I didn’t have an agent. I’m the same way right now. I took this job because I think it’s a great fit. I think this is a great opportunity in a great city with a great organization, and I have a chance to coach some young offensive linemen I think can be really, really good."

It's a job that's been met with a similar attitude quite often in the past. Munchak becomes the third offensive line coach in three years for that young group of linemen. Getting them on the same page with the plan and with the quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, is essential, and Munchak recognizes that.

"When you have a great quarterback anything can happen, and the Steelers’ defense is something that’s always been good. I’m for the moment, man. This is where I want to be. I could see myself being here a long time if it works right for everybody and I just kind of take it one year at a time. I’m looking to be here for the long run."