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Steelers $386,934 under the 2014 salary cap

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A final figure has been determined, according to Tribune-Review writer Mark Kaboly.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Relatively speaking, the Steelers are a gnat's eyelash from the top of the salary cap. At $386,934, according to Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly, they could basically afford an undrafted rookie, and probably nothing more.

Except this nice home in Mt. Lebanon.

Not entirely sure how the salary cap would work around home purchases, but probably not something that would be covered. And Kevin Colbert's home is probably worth more than that.

After an offseason of pushing the cap to its absolute breaking point, maybe Colbert can sleep a little bit more comfortably for the next few weeks. There's little chance he has time to sleep anyway, considering what could be one of the team's most critical drafts ever is rapidly approaching. With meetings and workouts all scheduled, Colbert can take some enjoyment out of squeezing the last relative penny out of the Steelers' salary limit, and get to work on finding the collegiate players who will eventually become the core of the team.