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UPDATE: Raiders trade Terrelle Pryor to Seahawks

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He may not know yet where his passes will go, but his scrambling ability as well as his starting experience could make the Jeannette, Pa., native Pryor an attractive option in free agency - if he clears waivers upon being released by Oakland.

Ezra Shaw

UPDATE: The Raiders have traded Terrelle Pryor to Seattle.

The Steelers were on hand to watch Terrelle Pryor's workout when he declared himself eligible for the Supplemental Draft in 2011.

Whether they submitted a pick lower than the third round - where the Raiders ultimately selected the Ohio State quarterback - may never be publicly known. The fact is, though, the Steelers can get him for a lot less than a third round pick now.

The Raiders are expected to release Pryor at some point today, exposing him to waivers on the final year of his rookie contract (worth $705,000). The Steelers selected Oklahoma QB Landry Jones with a fourth round pick last year, but considering Pryor's upside as a scrambler - he put an NFL-record 93-yard run on the Steelers in Oakland's Week 8 win over Pittsburgh last year - he could add a simple dimension in an injury situation for the Steelers.

He can't throw at a level commensurate with a successful NFL quarterback, but at 24 years of age, it may simply be a situation in which the Steelers can get a younger player with starting experience who brings a skill neither Jones nor back-up Bruce Gradkowski have.

More importantly, he can be had on the cheap. If the Steelers were to make a roster move to clear up the salary cap space needed, they could essentially get him for a year to see what they may have in the Pittsburgh-area product.

It may be too much to even grab him off waivers, and instead, roll the dice that he won't be signed until after the draft - a very reasonable prediction, considering many teams will want to see how a turbulent quarterback market shakes out before signing a project like Pryor. Plus, any rookie drafted will have a four-year contract, not a one-year deal like Pryor currently has.

Gradkowski is a Pittsburgh product who once beat the Steelers while playing for the Raiders. Pryor is a 6-foot-6 extremely fast and considerably more athletic version of Gradkowski. He's also much younger. He may be a better third quarterback option than Jones.