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Jury selection begins for trial on Mike Adams' alleged attackers

The Adams' trial will be underway this week.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jury selection began at the county courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh today in the prosecution of the men who allegedly attacked and stabbed Steelers' Mike Adams last Summer. The selection process is figured to conclude sometime midday tomorrow so both parties can begin opening arguments soon.

The judge overseeing the case has yet to rule on whether Kevin Colbert will testify to Adams' character in the trial. Defense attorney, Randall McKinney, will most likely be looking to find any flaw in Adams' character from personnel reports and/or Kevin Colbert's experiences with the former 2nd round draft pick.

At this point it looks as if a significant portion of this trial will come down to which party's account of what happened on the evening in question will be considered more truthful. The attempt to damage Adams' character could lead to the jury finding anything Adams' says questionable at best, which is a common tactic in such a case.

The judge overseeing the case has already viewed Adams' personnel file and it is reported that nothing against Adams' character could be found since he has joined the Pittsburgh Steelers. However there is a question which the defense could bring up as to Mike Adams' lying before the draft about any marijuana charges. The judge has yet to rule out the possibility to take the stand on that specific question on the issue of Adams' character. At this point what is to be expected is a ruling on Colbert's availability for testimony during the trial when the defense seeks to bring the Steelers' general manager forward as a character witness.

While the judge has reviewed Adams' personnel file, the question still remains as to whether the jury should be able to see it, as well as hear direct examination of Colbert from the defense. Be on the lookout for more reports this week as the trial progresses.