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League schedule expected to be announced Tuesday

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Some non-football related football talk to start Tuesday, we give our baseless predictions for the Steelers' 2014 schedule.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All the excitement of NFL Draft speculation will have to be curtailed for a bit, as previous reports have indicated the NFL will announce its 2014 schedule at some point today.

This is the point where many in the media grouse over how popular the non-football parts of the NFL are. We go a different route here on BTSC. We cram non-football down your throats.

And for that, we do apologize, but it's still exciting in its own right.

The Steelers will play the Bengals, Browns and Ravens twice, as usual, once at home and once on the road. It's a safe bet to expect at least one primetime game coming from that, not including Thursday Night, which we consider more of a burden than primetime exposure. The Steelers have played on Thursday night each of the last four seasons, having split those games, defeating Carolina and Cleveland and losing to Tennessee and Baltimore.

They're scheduled to take on the Panthers and Titans again this season, along with the remainders of the NFC South and AFC South - the Texans, Colts, Saints and Buccaneers at home and the Jaguars, Falcons, Titans and Panthers on the road. They host the Chiefs and travel to the Jets to round out the schedule.

We'll have the schedule posted as soon as it is announced, but for the sake of entertainment, here's our prediction as to how the Steelers' schedule will look this year:

Week 1: Steelers at Bengals
Week 2: Saints at Steelers (primetime)
Week 3: Steelers at Jaguars
Week 4: Colts at Steelers (primetime)
Week 5: Steelers at Browns
Week 6: Bye
Week 7: Steelers at Falcons
Week 8: Ravens at Steelers (primetime)
Week 9: Texans at Steelers
Week 10: Steelers at Panthers
Week 11: Steelers at Jets
Week 12: Bengals at Steelers
Week 13: Browns at Steelers
Week 14: Steelers at Titans
Week 15: Buccaneers at Steelers
Week 16: Chiefs at Steelers
Week 17: Steelers at Ravens