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Steelers WR Lance Moore brings a lot of experience, in his words

Moore brings experience into the wide receivers position meetings and to the field. But he's just like everyone else, he said Tuesday, showing up for the offseason program and working hard.

Stacy Revere

Not that veteran wide receiver Lance Moore couldn't have boasted a position of experience among his position colleagues in New Orleans, his former team. But what makes Moore valuable among the Steelers is the 346 career catches he brings.

It's valuable because, outside of Antonio Brown, the rest of the Steelers' wide receivers bring exactly six professional receptions.

Only one day into the offseason program, Moore is already sending that message. He spoke with after a workout from the team's facility Tuesday, where many Steelers participated in conditioning drills and workouts, kicking off Phase One of the offseason program.

He was asked what he brings to the Steelers' offense.

"I bring a lot of experience," he said. "There are a lot of young guys in the wide receiver room. I think I can come in and help these guys get better and teach some things and hopefully learn some things myself."

Moore is expected to be the team's primary slot receiver in 2014, and with a draft two weeks away, one that's rich in slot receivers, he can probably add "mentor" to that job description, if he hasn't already. With experience being at a premium, he has that aspect, along with his own expectations of learning a bit from everyone else ahead of him.

His version of his job description is much more general, however. He recognizes the fact the franchise has won six Super Bowl championships, and said his job is to do whatever he can to help it win its seventh. The large amount of players who showed up to the first day of voluntary strength and conditioning workouts Tuesday is suggestive, in Moore's mind, this team has a winning mindset early in the offseason program.

"It tells you guys want to win," Moore said of the team's large turnout. "They are coming in here, working hard, and doing whatever it takes to make this team successful. I am just another one of those guys."