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Twitter reaction to Steelers opening season against Cleveland Browns

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The Steelers begin their 2014 season against the Cleveland Browns in Pittsburgh. Reactions to that seem closer to the Steelers added a fifth preseason game than concern over their opening opponent.

Matt Sullivan

For the first time since 2007, the Steelers and Browns will not face each other in December of the NFL season.

That's a relief. No doubt, playing the Browns when they're not mathematically eliminated from the postseason lessens the worry of bitter cheapshots that may be taken at the commonly playoff-bound Steelers.

The Steelers just need to worry about becoming playoff-bound again, something many fans expect from a team that finished the 2013 season winning six of eight and missing a playoff berth wide right by a few inches.

The reaction of many on the 2014 season opening with a home game against divisional rival Cleveland sounds pretty good.

Cleveland will be put to the test immediately. A new coaching staff, a new quarterback and a bunch of other new stuff geared at changing the fate of one of the least successful franchises in all of sports over the last 15 years. Seems like we've been down this road before.

This reaction certainly isn't anything new. The Steelers opened the 2007 season at Cleveland, and proceeded to beat the tar out of them and their two quarterbacks (Romeo Crennel famously benched Charlie Frye at halftime for Derek Anderson, a move that gained next to nothing in terms of production). It was Mike Tomlin's first game, an experience new Browns coach Mike Pettine will get this year.

That's very deep. While unclear whether that favors or hurts the Browns, it's a good point on which everyone can break a mental sweat.

This is both negatively charged and grammatically incorrect, providing another example as to why Twitter is so much fun.

This is true. The Hindenburg wasn't the most successful flight, either.