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Ryan Clark responds to Antonio Brown, 'he's not smart enough to know what a good teammate is'

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Following up on a previous story, ex-Steelers safety Ryan Clark responded to criticism from Antonio Brown, who challenged Clark's comments regarding marijuana use and using sensationalism to build his brand for a media career.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Tribune-Review writer Alan Robinson reported Sunday Antonio Brown's issues with a few comments made by ex-Steelers safety Ryan Clark.

Simply put, Brown took exception to Clark's comments regarding players' use of marijuana and other comments made as a general point the camaraderie of the team has been reduced over the last two years.

Clark responded generally to Brown's comments via Twitter Sunday night.


He's not bitter...and Brown isn't smart enough to realize that, or what a good teammate is. Maybe he forgot about the babysitting favor or his son's birthday party. Those kinds of things seem at least on the fringe of consideration of a good teammate, but people borrow their neighbor's lawnmower all the time, it doesn't exactly unite them in brotherhood forever.

Clark would later respond to a tweet asking if he was bitter, saying he wasn't, even if it sounds like he might be a little disgruntled at least.

It's fair to post Clark's side, and clearly, Clark doesn't mind electronically voicing his opinion. He certainly has the right to respond to Brown's criticism, and we would think both sides would go their separate ways now.

We'll see how that turns out.