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Witness: Mike Adams asked defendants to hit him, asked them if they knew who he was

A "surprise witness" testified Monday Adams was "drunk and aggressive" before he was stabbed June 1. Three men are on trial for the stabbing.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

WTAE 4 in Pittsburgh reported Monday a "surprise witness" took the stand in the trial of three men accused of stabbing Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams in an incident early in the morning of June 1 in Pittsburgh.

According to the station, Shariea Cox testified Adams was "drunk and aggressive," responding to the three defendants' request that Adams pay for food by saying "I’m not paying for anything. Hit me. I want you to hit me. Do you know who I am?"

Cox claims to have seen Michael Paranay punch Adams in the face, but did not see Dquay Means flash a handgun or Jarrell Whitlock stab Adams.

According to Adams, Paranay punched him, Means showed him a handgun that was in his waistband and Whitlock stabbed him. Adams also said he had two drinks at a local restaurant, and his blood-alcohol level measured at .185 at the hospital when he was being treated for the stab wounds he suffered. All three defendants admit to being present at the time Adams was stabbed.

Cox paints a picture of a drunken Adams making a scene, all of this in wake of previous testimony that Adams bumped into the group, causing one of them to drop a shish kabob he was carrying.

All three defendants fled the scene after Adams was stabbed.