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Lance Moore says Ben Roethlisberger has a stronger arm than Drew Brees

In what was probably flattery more than anything else, the new Steelers receiver is getting in good with his teammates as they continue through Phase One of the offseason program.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

New Steelers wide receiver Lance Moore is fitting right in with his new teammates.

Flattery always helps that goal.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday after the team's Phase One workout, Moore was asked the inevitable comparison question between his current and former quarterbacks, Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees.

"I would say that Ben has a little bit stronger of an arm, maybe a lot stronger arm," Moore said, as quoted by ESPN's Scott Brown. "Just from the last couple of days with him here, that's something that kind of jumps out at me. If you are kind of lazy with your eyes the ball will zoom right past you. That's something that I will have to adjust to. I feel like the quarterback should never really have to adjust to the receiver."

Arm strength isn't everything, and few, if any, can criticize the track record or physical skill of either Brees or Roethlisberger. We feel Brees probably has the edge in terms of arm strength, through. Either way, though, Moore is saying the right things, including bits to Brown on helping second-year receiver Markus Wheaton with his route-running and the blessing he received going from one high-level quarterback in New Orleans to another in Pittsburgh.

Moore will be counted on to provide that kind of veteran leadership and it appears he's taking that role seriously early in the first phase of the offseason program. It's a very young receiving group, and with the likely selection of another young receiver in Pittsburgh, Moore's role will become as important off the field as it is on it.

If nothing else, he's already showed the wisdom of when to say the right things.