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Munchak will teach technique, according to Steelers OT Kelvin Beachum

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Gone is the technique-adverse Jack Bicknell Jr., and in comes the Hall of Fame player and highly successful Mike Munchak. Beachum seems excited, which is yet another reason Munchak is as important an acquisition as any free agent or draft pick.

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Post-Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette is as subtle as a sledgehammer in his piece Tuesday regarding Phase One of the Steelers' offseason program.

"Teaching technique was not a strong point of Jack Bicknell Jr. in his one year as the offensive line coach," he wrote. "That will change under Mike Munchak."

We see that as a good thing. Coaches who coach are better than ones who do not. Steelers left tackle Kelvin Beachum is noticing a change already, although not so much in technique (coaches aren't permitted to do much instruction at this point in the offseason but they can interact with the players), but in attitude.

"To have a Hall of Famer in the room really just speaks volumes because he’s played the game. He knows what you’re going through, he knows what to expect, he knows you’re going to get beat sometimes, which is part of the National Football League."

If the Steelers' offensive line does get beat, it won't be because they aren't prepared. Munchak is known for his strict adherence to detail, and that meticulous approach will result in the Steelers creating a running scheme that will vary in style and contrast. They'll run inside zone, outside zone and power, all of which lean on different strengths among a youthful and talented offensive line and running backs groups.

Tribune-Review reporter Alan Robinson wrote, "(Munchak is) just tweaking a thing here or there...But I think we have a couple of things brewing already. ... The guy is no-nonsense," Beachum said. "He wants to get the job done. He wants to win. He is hungry to win."

The technique aspect of this is critical, which is why it's important to emphasize it (and it's troubling to learn flat-out Bicknell wasn't much of a technique kind of coach). It shows more evidence behind why Munchak is every bit as important an offseason acquisition for the Steelers as any free agent they signed or any player they will select in the upcoming draft.