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Defense attorney accuses Mike Adams of lying, making up story with head of Steelers security

The jury is set to deliberate and render a verdict in the trial of three men accused of stabbing and attempting to rob Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams last summer.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The trial of three men accused of attempting to carjack and murder Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams reached closing arguments Tuesday, and the jury is expected to begin deliberations Wednesday.

Defense attorney Fred Rabner launched a 50-minute closing argument Tuesday, in which he accused Adams of lying and changing his story after speaking with Jack Kearney, an Allegheny County sheriff’s lieutenant and the head of security for the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to the Post-Gazette.

"What happened between Story No. 1 and Story No. 2?" Mr. Rabner asked the jury, as quoted by Post-Gazette reporter Paula Reed Ward. "Steelers security goes to the hospital. Steelers security meets with Mike Adams, and lo and behold, let’s go to Story No. 2.

"It’s not a drunken melee anymore. Now it’s a drunken robbery.

"Someone is lying, ladies and gentlemen.

"Who has something to lose?"

Rabner pointed out the first thing Adams said to a police officer who arrived on the scene was "I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler."

Previously, the defense had mulled calling Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert to the stand, and it was believed the plan was to question him in regards to Adams' failed drug test at the Combine in 2012. It's further believed their plan was to show the jury Adams had already been in trouble with the team and because of that, would have had reason to make up a version of the events of the night in question that would not have gotten him in more trouble. Colbert was not called to the stand, and instead, the defense used language in Adams' contract to attempt to make the same point.

Assistant district attorney Christopher Stone mocked the defense's theory, referring to their version of the story as The Great Steelers Cover-Up of 2014 (a good line but the alleged incidents occurred in 2013). He said the only things that changed from Adams' initial story were specific details, and pointed out in all their cover-up attempts, what was never in doubt was the fact two of the three defendants fled the scene, as did a key witness.

Michael Paranay, Dquay Means and Jerrell Whitlock were charged with attempted homicide and other crimes, but Judge Anthony Mariani accepted a motion from Paranay's lawyer, Randall McKinney, to drop the attempted homicide charge against his client. Paranay is still facing aggravated assault and conspiracy to rob charges.