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Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade WR Mike Williams to Buffalo Bills

Buffalo appears to have rounded out their receiving corps after acquiring Mike WIlliams. Despite some off-the-field problems, perhaps Buffalo won't be interested in a receiver in the first round now that Williams has arrived.


The Buffalo Bills - holder of the 9th overall pick in the 2014 draft - have acquired wide receive Mike Williams from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 6th round pick in the upcoming draft.

Williams, who has been in the news as much for his off the field issues as on the field exploits, grew up in Buffalo and played under current-Bills head coach Doug Marrone at Syracuse in college.

The move could have serious draft ramifications, increasing the wide receive need for the Bucs - holder of the 7th overall pick - while seemingly eliminating the same need for the Bills.  Both teams were heading into the draft with a need for a WR, but with starter Stevie Johnson, 2013 2nd round pick Robert Woods, and now Mike Williams rounding out the receiving corps, Buffalo appears to have eliminated the need for a high receiver pick.

However, the Bucs now have an even bigger need for help, and they could hone in on Mike Evans with the 7th pick - assuming Sammy Watkins has already been selected.  The Steelers will certainly benefit from Buffalo filling this need, but could be burned by the Bucs drafting seven picks before they will be on the clock.