Homer makes VEEP Trailer but his attempt to represent Steeler Nation fails

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Well, fellow BTSCers, the HBO series VEEP (starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus) begins its third season this weekend, and Homer was pleasantly surprised to find himself featured prominently in the season's official trailer at the thirty second mark, saying, "Oh, my God," when learning - at a Meyer senior staff meeting - that the President won't be running for re-election, which obviously opens the way for Vice President Meyer to run for the office herself.

Homer was selected by the casting people to play a member of the senior staff, and was told to wear a business suit, of course, and he wore his best Steeler tie. You know, the black tie with the word "Steelers" in the black and gold diamond, and the tri-colored hypocycloids. Sadly, the director didn't think it was appropriate, and wardrobe gave Homer something a bit more boring.

Homer has a few more "extra" roles - it's sort of like being human furniture in the background - and will keep playing this cat and mouse game with the folks from House of Cards and Veep -- trying to sneak Steeler ties and other stuff into the picture.

Steeler Nation, after all, is everywhere. And we gotta represent, you know!

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