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Limas Sweed knew he wanted to play football again

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Sweed opens up in an Ottawa Sun interview as he prepares for the RedBlacks minicamp this week.


Ottawa Sun writer Tim Baines paints a nice picture of former Steelers receiver Limas Sweed, who's on the first-year roster of the Ottawa RedBlacks of the Canadian Football League.

He may have left out a few strokes, though.

Generally speaking, if a few breaks went his way, maybe Sweed could have made something of himself. However, with the selection of Mike Wallace in 2009, and the presence of Santonio Holmes through that same season, he likely would not have been the team's split end for long.

But he gave it a shot, which appears to be the theme of his attempt to resurrect his football career in Canada.

One revealing aspect is Sweed says he didn't walk off the Sasketchewan Roughriders' practice field last season. He never got on the field, saying he left from the dorms before camp.

"I had some things taking place back home," he says. "I know it was said that I walked off the field and went home, but I actually never walked onto the field. I was in the dorms. I explained it to (the Roughriders). I didn't know if an opportunity would come back up again."

It wouldn't seem likely, but the RedBlacks, in their first year of existence, are giving him a shot. Seems like something that's mentioned plenty often among athletes getting that second chance, but if nothing else, he's saying the right things.

"I knew I wanted to play football again," he says. "I just had to take my time and think about it, make sure I was making the right decision. This is a great opportunity for me."