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Report: Steelers $300k under salary cap

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The Steelers have signed multiple players and given extensions to a few others. After all that, they sit right on the edge of the league's salary cap.

Joe Robbins

The Steelers could dig through Roger Goodell's couch cushions and find, in cash, the difference between their 2014 salary and the NFL salary cap.

ESPN's Scott Brown reported Monday evening the Steelers stand right around the $300,000 mark on the happy side of the salary cap.

While $300,000 is a good chunk of money for average schmos like the writers of this web site, it's mostly insignificant in comparison to the salary cap.

For comparison's sake, the Steelers paid 2012 5th round draft pick Chris Rainey about $570,500 his one year with the team.

Fortunately, then, the Steelers would struggle to sign Rainey, if the Colts hadn't already taken that temptation off the table. The Steelers will have two opportunities to resist more fifth-round failure in this year's draft (Terry Hawthorne, the Steelers' 2013 fifth round pick, is not in the NFL).

However you want to slice it, it's a razor thin margin - it's also one that doesn't matter at all. With $8 million coming on June 2, the team will have more than enough to sign its draft class (nine picks, including the two in the fifth round) and with an extension or two given out to a few players (Jason Worilds and Ben Roethlisberger are the most likely candidates and Maurkice Pouncey can throw his hat in that ring too), they could clear even more space.