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Steelers 2014 preseason schedule set

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And it includes a lot of familiar logos.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers will get a chance to win their first preseason game in two years when they travel to New York to take on the Giants in Preseason Week 1. That's some day from Aug. 7-10.

In Week 2, they'll host the Buffalo Bills sometime between Aug. 14-18. Week 3 it's on the road to Philadelphia, on a random day between Aug. 21-24 and round things up, as they usually do (12 years and counting), against the Carolina Panthers in Week 4, Aug. 28.

So we can all exhale, they've got the preseason schedule set now.

The Eagles replace the Redskins with the Eagles, and the Chiefs with the Bills, and you have the 2013 preseason schedule - one in which the Steelers didn't win a game. We confirmed after the team's 0-4 regular season start the preseason really isn't an indicator of a team's success (or lack thereof) when it's for real.

We'll be there for all the action and excitement of the Landry Jones Bowl, including the crowning of the Training Camp Hero.