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Grading the Steelers draft through rounds 4-7

The draft is officially over! Read on to see the grades for the Steelers 6 picks through rounds 4 to 7.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

4th round- Martavis Bryant, wide receiver

In the 4th round the Steelers nabbed a receiver who seemingly has no ceiling. Bryant is 6'4 and ran a 4.42 40 at the combine. In short, he's a physical marvel born to play wide receiver in the NFL. He flashed all sorts of talents in college last year, from after the catch elusiveness, to climbing the ladder and high pointing the ball (cough cough, red zone!). However, he has a fair few marks against his name. Immaturity, unpolished route running and concentration/drop issues rank top of the list. Bryant is extremely raw no doubt about it, he will need a good amount of coaching before he contributes significantly at the NFL level.

Really like this pick, a lot of bang for the Steelers buck in the 4th round. They grab a wide receiver that can not only be plugged in at red zone situations almost immediately, but may in a couple of years' time develop into a quality starter. Lots of athleticism, lots of potential...a theme throughout the 2014 NFL draft for the Steelers

Pick grade- A

2014 Steelers Draft Picks

5th round- Shaquille Richardson, cornerback

Richardson is a playmaking corner back who has never been afraid to jump routes for the big pick. Check out this play included here in this breakdown, it's ridiculously impressive. He is lean and athletic, weighing in at around 195 pounds and running a 4.42 at his pro day. Richardson has lacked discipline in his time at college, that penchant for jumping routes actually got him benched for a portion of time. He is very lean, raising questions about his ability to play the run (long a staple of LeBeau corners), and that coupled with some questionable character issues puts somewhat of an asterix beside Richardson's names. He appears to have improved his all round game last year in college, but it is clear he has a lot of growing, and perhaps weight lifting to do before he is ready to start in the NFL.

This is really a typical Steelers 5th round cornerback pick, an athletic and undeveloped player who if he has the right attitude can be moulded by the coaching staff like so many before him. Ideally the Steelers could have drafted someone who was at least a little more ready to start but by the 5th round those players don't really exist. Really like how they've went out and got a ball hawk as well, I hope if Richardson makes the team he keeps that gutsy, route jumping attitude. A lot of question marks as well though.

Pick grade- B-

2014 Steelers Draft Picks

5th round- Wesley Johnson, offensive tackle

Wesley Johnson is an athletic guy, built for a zone blocking scheme the likes of which new Oline coach Mike Munchak employs. He's quick and agile for a guy his size, allowing him to get to the second level or be used as a puller on running plays. He has a reputation as a vocal, passionate leader which is something no team can have enough of. He is however quite deficient in the strength department, and that is something he will have to seriously work on because a good bull rush currently would have him eating dirt. He's had experience all across the offensive line, which adds a great deal to what he can bring to the Steelers. He's also been extremely durable, something I'm sure the Steelers would like to see in one of their o-lineman for once.

A really good, solid pick here with what appears to be some good value. Johnson fits a zone running scheme well, and has multiple position flexibility which is something all teams treasure in their o-lineman. He'll need to hit the weight room before he sees any playing time, and bulking up and gaining sufficient strength is no sure thing. Also appears to have the intangibles you'd like to see.

Pick grade- B+

2014 Steelers Draft Picks

6th round- Jordan Zumwalt, linebacker

A fiery attitude, passion and overachievement are what stand out for linebacker Jordan Zumwalt. He bucks the trend of Steelers picks over the weekend; he is not a particularly impressive athlete, in both his physical makeup and his movement. He doesn't seem to offer much of anything in coverage, and his lack of athleticism hinders him in other areas of the game as well. What Zumwalt appears to have, and this can't be disqualified, is a huge amount of heart. Coaches and teammates note that he has an incredible love for the game, and brings a high football IQ and a lot of passion onto the field every time he plays.

I don't know whether Zumwalt will ever develop into a starter for the Steelers, but I believe he was drafted with special teams in mind and his competitiveness and effort will be a welcome addition. Special teams have been in need of a boost, so addressing it in the late rounds is a smart move. At the end of the day, you just can't have enough guys like this in your team, because passion is infectious. If he blossoms into a starting calibre linebacker, then that's just gravy.

Pick Grade- B

2014 Steelers Draft Picks

6th Round- Daniel McCullers, defensive tackle

An actual man mountain of a man, Daniel McCullers is a behemoth. Standing at 6'7, 350 pounds he was born to play the nose tackle position. Each one of his arms is longer than a giraffe's neck and his wingspan is just slightly smaller than that of Air Force One. His sheer mass alone should go a long way toward sealing up two gaps in the middle of the Steelers base defense. He's also very durable for a guy his size, having never missed a game in college. He has underachieved a little this far, exhibiting bad technique such as poor pad level and hand placement. He'll also likely never offer anything from a pass rushing stand point and his ability to move laterally is questionable.

I LOVE this pick; it might be my favourite so far. Almost all of McCullers problems can be coached up and eradicated. John Mitchell and the boys can teach him the mechanics, they can teach him proper pad level, they can teach him correct leverage and hand placement and they can teach him how to avoid being sealed off. What they cannot teach anyone else is how to be 6'7 and 350 pounds. Furthermore, McCullers carry's his weight well, which is important for a big guy. I think if you give it a couple of years, and some quality coaching, McCullers could be the cog that makes the Steelers base defense tick, because he'll be eating up three gaps, not two.

Pick grade- A+

2014 Steelers Draft Picks

7th round- Rob Branchflower, tight end

Blanchflower is a solid Y tight end, a decent and very willing blocker in both the running and the passing game whilst showing some ability as a receiver. He was a two-time captain in school as well, earning a reputation as a leader. However he is an average/below average athlete with poor route running and inconsistent hands. He'll also be 24 years old before the season starts.

The Steelers like having two tight ends on the field, especially when they are competent in-line blockers. The hope is that Blanchflower develops into a competent blocker whilst providing a short area receiving option. He seems eerily similar to Matt Spaeth in that respect actually. He sounds like another leader who may be well suited to special teams. It sounds like Blanchflower will require a lot of coaching before he ever sees the field. I'm not so sure the Steelers couldn't have got someone better here.

Pick grade- C

2014 Steelers Draft Picks